Who we are

A3 Innovation was founded in May of 2018 by a few nerds with a simple mission, to help businesses. Since that day we have kept up on the latest in the internet, from emerging technologies such as robotic process automation, serverless cloud computing, and Internet-of-things, to age old practices like search engine optimization, website development, and software engineering. We have the technology your business needs, when you need it

We exist in the market alongside other technology companies with a very key difference, we don’t compete, we create. This drives us to put our customers technology needs first, and allows for us to create handmade solutions that no other company can offer. It is our belief that technology is a tool that should empower businesses to reach new heights and create solutions that are seamless, intuitive, and secure.

How we help

Website Development

The best website is the one that’s made just for you. We specialize in working with businesses of all shapes and sizes with all types of websites. A3 Innovation is here to help with any and every website need.

Robotic Process Automation

From 40 hours to 4 seconds. How much time are you or your employees spending on tasks that should be completed for you, in the cloud?

Web Hosting & Servicing

Switch to A3 Innovation for web hosting and get a free SSL certificate for life! Our hosting rates crush the competitors who make you do all the work yourself.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you ever wondered how the internet is searched and ranked by search engines? We have, and have spent a lot of time understanding how it works. SEO has evolved and changed a lot in the last few years, make sure you’re getting found in the best way possible, by every engine that’s searching.

Data Analytics

Imagine if you could ask every single person that looked at your website what they thought about it, where they went and what they did. Well, we can tell you! Monthly reports, delivered straight to your inbox, with all the data your heart desires.


Getting paid online and being able to sell any product or service online is critical to the success of any business. With an eCommerce implementation, we can add these things to your current website, or mobile app and get you paid online in no time.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Ads)

Unlike social media platforms, a PPC advertising campaign spans across multiple verticals ranging from advertisements on websites, mobile apps and search queries. These advertisements allow you to reach all corners of the world and the billions of internet users.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is becoming an ever increasingly important part of a modern businesses marketing strategy. It’s no secret that creating content and advertising on social media can be a challenge, let A3 Innovation take the headache away by working with a dedicated social media expert.

Cloud Integration & Migration

Cloud Integration and Migration protects your data more than a legacy system by eliminating the biggest vulnerability, the system itself. Having your data in the Cloud makes it accessible to you and your employees anywhere at anytime, with the same level of security, reliability and scalability that you expect from a cloud solution.

G Suite & Google Voice adoption & migration

A3 Innovation has partnered with Google to provide sales and servicing of G Suite and Google Voice. We handle the administrative tasks, data migration, and user management so that you can focus on what’s important, and have someone to call if you need help.

Google My Business

Google my business lists your business on the map, and gives Google a direct and verified set of information about your business to share with potential customers. It acts as a platform that you can communicate directly with your customers, read and respond to reviews, and place special offers.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to create cutting edge technology solutions that evolve business operations and make life easier for everyone involved.

Our mission started as a simple desire to help people and has evolved into a platform in which we are going to change the world with. We over perform and innovate at every junction, always choosing what is right for our client. Unlike other companies, A3 Innovation is a lifetime technology partner. I mean, what other company is going to start a record label to help your band grow? Or send you a t-shirt, just as a thank you for being a part of our journey? At A3 Innovation, we spend the day thinking about how we can make things better. We’re always bursting at the seems with ideas, so please ask us what we can do to help you!

Our Vision

We dream of a world where technology is used to empower the lives of everyone, and used to create things that never would have been possible.

Technology should be a platform of innovation, not a hard stop in the growth process. We aim to be a global partner for companies and individuals everywhere, as a technology and problem solving hive.

This vision stems from a deeply embedded desire to help people and to change the way that things are done. As a company comprised of innovators, we’ve often been told that change is slow, and that it takes time. The internet changes this preconception, as it allows for information to be distributed and retrieved almost instantly. With this idea in mind, we aim to be the change that occurs overnight. They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if you get a team of engineers in a room with the right motivation you can have a rough draft.

Our Values

Altruism - The fabric of the existence of A3 Innovation relies on our commitment to altruism. Every person and business that we work with is treated better than family. With a selfless commitment to their interests, goals, and objectives, before our own.

Persistence - How do you tackle a problem bigger than your wildest dreams? One step at a time. To create next era technology solutions, you must be fearlessly persistent in your pursuit of problem solving. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible.

Self Empowerment - Modern workplaces are evolving and changing. At A3 Innovation, our most valuable assets are the people that make our solutions possible. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and create the solution you see in your mind’s eye.

“Boxless” Thinking - Problem solving dosen’t exist in a box, or out of a box. There is no box. When you realize this truth, problems are no longer solved in a framework, or outside of a mentality. Instead, problems are solved by people who are committed to solving the problem, not caught up thinking about a box.

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