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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Website Development
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • How long will it take to make a website?
    Most website projects are completed in a month. This varies from project to project but your project will have its own timeline along with milestone meetings and a development schedule.
  • What kind of functionality can you put into my website?
    Anything is possible, but typical examples would include form submissions, file uploads, social media integration (ie: facebook feed on website, or instagram gallery), eCommerce functionality, google map location, or meeting and appointment scheduling/requesting/confirming.
  • How will we meet and communicate on an ongoing basis?
    You can call, text, or email anytime. The website is hosted as it is developed so you can see progress, but we also talk at least once a week so you’re always in the know. After we have deployed your website, you will get communication from us monthly with any changes going into the website, or other important info.
  • Do you still work on my website after it has been completed?
    Yes. After the deployment, we will make any changes you need. This can be adding, changing, deleting, or anything in between. We include up to 5 hours of servicing on your website every month to make sure the changes you need will be made. We’re not worried about going over a couple of hours, but if significant changes need to be made we will work with you to plan accordingly.
  • Will I need to transfer my domain?
    We recommend everyone uses Google Domains. If you need to stay with your hosting provider however, we will make it work.
  • How do I know what progress is being made on the site?
    We will send you a special link to use that will allow you to see the current progress on the site, and you can see the changes happen as they occur.
  • Do I get a custom email? (you@yourdomain.com)
    Yes, if you want one. We can walk you through the process.
  • Can you add to my existing website?
    We will send you a special link to use that will allow you to see the current progress on the site, and you can see the changes happen as they occur.
  • Will my website be secured?
    Yes, we secure the SSL after launch. The processing can take up to two weeks but is usually done quicker.
  • Will my website be down at any point in the process?
    Before the site launches, there won't be any down time. Our hosting provider guarantees 99.9% uptime. So if there is downtime, it is very minimal.
  • What is RPA?
    Robotic Process Automation is the development of a program that automates the completion of processes. This can be for something as simple as logging onto your CRM and downloading a sales report to email, or as complex as a task that runs every single night completing millions of jobs.
  • What is the difference between unattended and attended robots?
    An unattended robot is able to be ran completely on its own. These bots are usually ran at night and complete large volume transactions. An attended robot is built to be ran with a user present. This is used in processes where the user is required to be present at some point of the process, or for processes that need to be triggered manually or on request instead of a schedule.
  • What is a “rule based” process?
    It’s a process that can be completed by using a series of rules and decisions. If you can write the process out on paper as a series of yes or no decisions and someone can follow it without asking any questions, then you have a rule based process.
  • Are these real robots?
    Yes and no. They aren’t physical robots, but software robots. They do an action over and over again. Think of them as an extra employee that exists only to do exactly what you say and when you say to do it, but nothing more.
  • Will this replace someone’s job?
    No. It’s a common fear that automation will replace jobs. RPA bots are built to help you, and to assist you in accomplishing your tasks. You will still be needed, you will just be far more productive, efficient, and less prone to errors.
  • Does someone have to sit with the computer and watch the robot?
    No. You don’t need to babysit the robot while it is processing. If someone needs to be there to run the process, it’s because they are needed to complete the job and the robot can’t do it alone.
  • Will there need to be a computer just for this robot?
    Yes, there will need to be at least one computer for processing.
  • Can you automate a dos based system?
    Yes. These old systems are prime candidates for RPA.
  • How do I know if I can benefit from RPA?
    We believe anyone with digital processes can benefit from RPA in some way. Think about what consumes the most time of you or your employees. These processes are prime suspects for an RPA project.
  • How long does the development take?
    The time varies from project to project, but is usually completed within 2-3 months from start to finish.